Friday, January 21, 2011

I don't care what the Dough Boy says, I prefer Pop Tarts

Hello and welcome to the obligatory new blog welcome post! I'm Paxie and this blog is my blog. This blog is a blog about crafty stuff, because crafty stuff is stuff I enjoy =D

Okay, enough talking like that.

When I was young, I want to say seven or eight, I first learned to crochet. I don't remember who taught me, but I remember there being this stereotypical pink, blue and white variegated yarn and a crochet hook involved. I don't know whatever happened to that first thing I made, but I do know that I stopped for some reason. When I was ten, my great-grandmother Edna retaught me how to crochet; my first boss helped me learn a few things as well. Fourteen years later, I'm still going strong =D

I've tried making craft blogs before, but have never been able to keep up with them. Hopefully, this one will be better. I plan on posting projects I've made from free patterns found online, my own original designs and links to my etsy store. I hope you like it... I think you will ^_~

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