Friday, June 27, 2014

Hobbes is now on hold (or How my baby sister got me back into crocheting)

In my last post I said that I was going to make myself a Hobbes doll in shades of blue. I haven't started it yet. Honestly, I hadn't picked up my crochet hook in almost a week before that and just picked it up again last night, but not to make a Hobbes...

Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

Shortly after graduating, I signed up to become a certified crochet instructor through the Craft Yarn Council (CYC). I was very excited to complete the course, but I lost a bit of my zest after an incident with a craft store that's associated with CYC; I was planning to become an instructor there, but the way it is run... I would be responsible to drumming up all my own students. Some of it could be done in store, but a lot of it I'd have to do on my own time. I would also have to do all the scheduling for my classes at least a month in advance, but still be completely flexible to change them for customers who couldn't come on the day I'd chosen. Also, if there weren't at least two people signed up, I wouldn't be able to hold the class. To most people, that may sound completely reasonable, but to me it seemed like a lot of work that I wouldn't get paid for. I'm completely unemployed right now, so I declined when the position was offered to me. The woman I told all but hung up on me afterwards and that kind of crushed me. I didn't feel like working on anything after that.

And then, I got a call from my mother.

My little sister, Marah, is six years old. She has many things that I've crocheted for her, but always things that I came up with on my own. A couple days ago, she asked me for something... well, more accurately, she asked my mom if she thought I'd be able to crochet something for her.

image from GoNoodle Blog
Above is a little guy by the name of McPufferson. He is part of a free learning site called GoNoodle, which I will admit that I haven't taken much time to look into, but it seems that McPufferson has multiple forms that he grows into as children learn.

Regardless of my understanding, or lack there of, the above picture was emailed to me by my mother and rather than making myself a Hobbes, I'm making Marah a McPufferson. It should be interesting, as I'm making the pattern up from scratch... but my little sister asked me for it, and she's never asked me to crochet her anything before... and it's made me want to crochet again.

Expect some pictures soon, and maybe a pattern eventually!

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