Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm not so good at this "Blogging" thing...

I'm trying, really I am. So what am I working on now? Well, I've got a couple Secret Projects that I can't really say much about, as they're both for friends that follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Something I can post about, I made a teddy bear:

The pattern can be found by googling "basic teddy bear pattern". =D I've made a couple out of fleece scraps and felt and they're really quick and easy to hand sew :D

I also made a tea pot! This pattern is from the Red Heart collection, Tea and Cookies Party Set. Let's give it the rundown, shall we?

The Pros:
THE PATTERN IS FREE! That's a big selling point for me, as I'm on a tight budget. Also, the pattern has instructions for more than just the teapot; there is also instructions for a tea cup, saucer, cookie plate and two different types of cookies. I will be honest, I haven't made anything besides the teapot yet, but I'll cover the other items when I get them done ^_^

This project is also perfect for scrap yarn, as it takes minuscule amounts of all the yarns used. It's also nice for variegated yarn, either on the main part or as one of the accents as I did above. Did I mention it was quick? I made and assembled the pictured teapot in about four hours. Pretty cool, right?

The Cons:
I'm still not sure what you're supposed to do after you finish making the teapot! Are you supposed to stuff it and sew it shut, is it to be left open and hollow? I couldn't tell you, because the pattern DOES NOT SAY! The picture in the pattern looks like its stuffed, but perhaps it was just stuffed for photographing purposes? I don't know! *flail*

All in all, I think this is a good, easy pattern. It might be a little hard if you've never worked in rounds before, mostly because of the color changes required and the fancier shell stitches, but it's not impossible. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being Robert Downey Jr and 1 being the Crypt Keeper), I'd give it a 9. That's roughly a John Barrowman. I'll be waiting on your emails telling me how much hotter Barrowman is than RDJ.

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